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Teronze El-Bey


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After attending Morehouse College pursuing a degree in Business Management, Teronze later began working with his family-owned skin care and cosmetic business for over twenty-two years, which led to a keen understanding and first-hand experience of the skin care industry as a whole.


Ironically, a strong professional passion, much less minimal interest of the skin care market did not materialize until after Teronze consciously made the decision to transition to a vegan lifestyle in mid 2012.

It wasn't until 2016 that Teronze received the vision to combine only the most compatible, top-grade herbs and premium essential oils with skin care products to achieve ultimate natural skin care regimen for exfoliating.


While his adamant refusal to infuse animal-based byproducts, perform animal testing, integrate chemicals, parabens, artificial fragrances and colors, or practice premature and potentially damaging third-party testing on humans for "clinical trials" was undoubtedly trailblazing, the desired end-goal sought out, proved to be much more difficult in reality than he previously envisioned.

However, after three pain-staking years of research, formulating hundreds of herbal concoctions and months of trial and error, Melanin Magic® was finally born; and soon after, Desquamé was founded.

Teronze vowed that Melanin Magic® will be the first of many quality vegan products to come in the near future by Desquamé