Melanin Magic® is a fully certified vegan face & exfoliator scrub formulated with over eighteen (18) herbs & essential and carrier oils combined that is non-GMO, gluten-free, no parabens, alcohol, phthalates, sulfates, petroleum, no artificial colors or fragrances and is completely non-animal cruelty or testing!


Melanin Magic® is proven to be effective and efficient in aggressively fighting psoriasis and eczema, brightening and softening skin, exfoliating dead skin & diminishing scar tissue, reducing dark spots and discolorations, no dried out after effects or chemical burns, the promotion of a mental well-being, as well as producing healthy, nurtured, and radiant skin...naturally!



Melanin Magic® (4 fl. oz.)

SKU: 7599443
  • Melanin Magic® contains aloe vera leaf powder, activated charcoal powder, frationated MCT coconut oil, mango seed butter ground clove powder, gotu kola powder, diatomaceous earth powder, essential tea tree oil, rose hips powder, dandelion leaf powder, burdock root powder, anise seed oil, oregon grape leaf powder, rosemary powder, red clover powder, cut spearmint leaves, essential peppermint oil, neem oil, arrowroot powder, argan oil, oat bran, MSM powder and barberry root.

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